November 8, 2019

Mobile Internet: Unstoppable Growth In The Last 10 Years

Jean-Paul Uwizeye
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The mobile internet has already surpassed desktop internet. Every year, people who use mobile internet increase greatly. What has changed in this reality?

Mobile Internet: Unstoppable Growth In The Last 10 Years

Mobile Internet: How Big It Is?

The mobile internet has stopped to be an exception in the world and has become a complete part of everyday life. Phones, smartphones, tablets: the device doesn't matter. Now, they all use mobile internet and have different features in the interface sample. But how much mobile traffic it's in the internet?

In a very short time, the internet has become a reality for the mobile service. It has been only ten years in which the mobile internet has become the main source of consumption for many Internet users. Applications are increasingly popular to the detriment of the browser, but what will be the future of the mobile internet?

Mobile Internet Growth

By 2019, 4400 million people used the internet daily, and of these, 80% use social networks. In addition, 90% of users use mobile applications. All this implies that, most people who come to the internet, do so through a mobile device. In short, the growth of the mobile internet is unquestionable.

This is also seen in the consumption of information media. Since 2011 media consumption has increased by 504%. In addition, it is notorious that there are more and more applications in the App Store and Google Play, so companies as Windows have had to launch their own stores, with their own apps.

More Technology

People have started using the mobile internet as their main tool to connect because the technology has increased. For starters, electronic devices are different: they are now larger, show more resolution on your screen, are able to connect faster and have multiple applications that use the internet at the same time.

Networks have set the trend. Already today, in most countries, 4G connection networks are consolidated. In addition, 5G is already emerging strongly, and most new smartphones use it. In addition to all that, many people no longer install residential WiFi, but use a hotspot 4G WiFi with a mobile line.

New Behaviors

The mobile use of the internet has made users just a couple of clicks away from getting the answers to their questions, since anything can be searched on Google. In addition, users will reject websites that do not have an interface adapted to mobile phones, and those who do not know how to respond quickly.

The smartphone controls the day to day of people. For example: if you want to go to lunch, with the mobile internet you will search places that will be near you. For that, you must have activated your location and the web pages must be oriented with SEO so that you get what you're looking for quickly.

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