Best Mobile Poker Apps 2020



There are tonnes of dedicated poker apps available to mobile users. The best poker apps have multi-table options, easy-to-use buttons, and intuitive lobbies. We’ll be running through some of the aspects and features that make these apps worth considering if you’re looking for a new mobile poker app. Whether you’re playing for fun or for real money, the following list of apps are some of the best available on the market today.

Best Mobile Poker Apps 2020

GGPoker Mobile App

GGPoker is one of the more popular dedicated poker apps out there. This app allows you to view analysis and stats with the PokerCraft tool, helping to improve your game. The app also has a feature where you can sometimes see the flop, turn, or river when you’re not involved in the hand. You can play up to four tables at once and will receive a large welcome bonus upon sign up.

GGPoker Mobile App Pros

  • Top quality software
  • Nice features
  • Welcome bonus
  • Lots of variety

GGPoker Mobile App Cons

  • Higher rake
  • Not available for US players

888Poker App

Cash games and tournaments can be played round the clock with 888Poker. It is certified and verified by a regulatory watchdog meaning you can play safely in the knowledge that the app is entirely secure. Their 24/7 customer service is another big plus point, as is their large variety of payment methods and quick deposits/withdrawals.

888Poker App Pros

  • Large selection of games
  • Lots of payment methods
  • Well-designed interface
  • Multi-tabling
  • Fast withdrawals and deposits

888Poker App Cons

  • Not available for US players
  • Few playing games other than Texas Hold’em
  • No rakeback deals

PokerStars Poker App

PokerStars is the best-known name in online poker and their app doesn’t disappoint. The software used is of the highest quality. PokerStars have a user-friendly interface specially designed to accommodate multi-tabling. It also has an enormous selection of games to keep you busy for hours.

PokerStars Poker App Pros

  • Immensely popular
  • Advanced features
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Tournament schedule
  • Great satellite prizes
  • Benefit programme

PokerStars Poker App Cons

  • Can be difficult in non-micro-stake games
  • Optimised for Android and iPhone (other devices may not work)
  • No rakebacks for high-volume players

Partypoker App

There are loads of bonus features available on the Partypoker app. Their loyalty programme and rewards are among the best of any mobile poker app. They consistently update the app with software improvements and bug fixes making it run smoothly. This is one of the slickest poker-playing experiences on mobile.

Partypoker App Pros

  • Waiting time
  • Loyalty programme can qualify for freerolls
  • Lots of different games
  • Among the fastest withdrawals (2-6 hours)
  • Impressive satellite tournaments
  • Rakeback between 20-40%
  • MyGame coaching tool

Partypoker App Cons

  • Game software lags behind competition still

Tiger Gaming Poker App

This is the perfect app for new beginners to online poker. There are tonnes of bonuses and loyalty promotions available with Tiger Gaming. They have loads of micro-stake games allowing to compete for money whilst keeping buy-ins low. Tiger Gaming’s interface is also clean and easy-to-use.

Tiger Gaming Poker App Pros

  • Tournaments with fixed prizes
  • Lots of micro-stake games
  • Amateur-friendly
  • First depositors freeroll
  • Round the clock withdrawals

Tiger Gaming Poker App Cons

  • Certain games only available on old software
  • Smaller network
  • Infrequent delays
  • Certainly not for high rollers

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