Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Mobile gambling is the new norm in many countries worldwide, as more and more gamblers head online to get their casino kicks. Estonia is no exception.

Estonian citizens have plenty of remote options to choose from in their quest for gambling thrills. Legal since 2010, all online gambling is regulated by the Estonian Organization of Remote Gambling.

We take a look at the nation’s licensing body, find out the difference between domestic and international sites, and uncover all the ins and outs of remote casino gambling in the country.

Estonian Tax and Customs Board
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Mobile Casinos Licensed by the Estonian Organization of Remote Gambling

Remote gaming regulations in Estonia came into force in 2010 to coincide with the nation’s legalisation of online gambling.

At first, only local operators were allowed to offer their services online, providing a safe yet limited platform for gambling enthusiasts.

A year later, the market opened up to international casinos. This allowed Estonians to access offshore sites and explore gambling possibilities from around the globe.

But the new law came with one condition; international casinos had to apply for a license with the Estonian Organization of Remote Gambling. Only those accepted would be able to welcome Estonian gamblers.

Which Mobile Casinos are Licensed?

This rule remains in force today, which has hindered many foreign companies from accessing the country’s gambling scene. Any mobile casino operating without a license is blocked by internet service providers.

This hasn’t stopped some of the biggest brands in the business from entering into the fray, though, with the likes of Unibet, Bet365, and Ninja all fully licensed and available for Estonian players.

About the Estonian Organization of Remote Gambling

To legally offer gambling services in Estonia, remote casinos are required to obtain both an activity license and an operating license. Let’s take a quick look at the difference between the two:

Activity license: Acquiring an activity license is the first step for any mobile casino intent on attracting Estonian players.

This requirement is needed for organizing games of chance, too, and games of skill. A separate activity license must be obtained for every type of game.

Private or public limited companies registered within Estonia or the European Union are able to apply.

Operating license: Once an activity license is granted, an operating permit is then issued, if approved, by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

Only then can a mobile casino enter the Estonian gambling market. As with the activity license, separate operating licenses are needed for various game types.

The Future of Mobile Gambling in Estonia

Whether spinning slots or pulling up a virtual seat at the poker table, Estonians can enjoy a safe and thrilling experience while on the go.

The popularity of online gaming continues to soar, with an increasing number of Estonian citizens signing up to mobile casinos, both local and international.

This trend shows no sign of slowing, so no doubt even more operators will be submitting their license applications to give gambling enthusiasts as much variety as possible.

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