Top Mobile Casinos in Switzerland

Mobile gaming has gone mainstream in Switzerland. Almost every Swiss adult owns a smartphone. In addition, most Swiss nationals spend a huge bulk of their time away from their homes which only puts weight on the fact that a growing number of punters welcome any opportunity to enjoy a casino gaming experience on their handhelds.

Mobile casinos are not created equal. Fact! Whether you prefer iPhone or Android gaming, we understand what players want from casinos.

Additionally, we also know that players have unique preferences. Thanks to our industry knowledge in the Swiss market, we can shortlist mobile casinos that any Swiss player out there will enjoy.

Top  Mobile Casinos in Switzerland
Mobile casinos in Switzerland

Mobile casinos in Switzerland

Mobile optimization is commonplace among Switzerland online casinos. Nowadays, every Internet gambling site can be enjoyed on common platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and so forth.

Switzerland is a leading European country with an impressively high GDP. It generally stays up to date with all latest technological advancements. As such, it does not come as a surprise that over 90% of the country has access to fast 4G LTE networks. Switzerland was also the leading EU country in 5G implementation, but protests and health fears have put a halt to this for the time being.

Nonetheless, Swiss players can enjoy fast uninterrupted connections no matter where they are. This means smooth mobile casino gaming sessions any time of day. What’s more, the country is dominated by Apple products. Namely, the iPhone X Pro, iPhone 11 and similar models. These are high-end devices that can easily handle day-to-day tasks and casino gameplay via web browser or through iOS apps.

As a cherry on top, over 90% of the country’s 6,000,000+ population owns a smartphone. This makes it a priority for casino operators to optimize their services for mobile players. Today, more bets are placed via mobile than on desktop and laptop devices.

The typical online casino that accepts players from Switzerland accommodates players with thousands of games, most of which can be enjoyed on mobile devices in landscape view. What’s more, mobile players can take advantage of bonuses, get in touch with live chat, and make seamless mobile deposits.

Looking for the best Swiss mobile casino? Then look no further than our mobile casino listings. We give you the best of the best, so you can focus on gaming rather than researching.

Mobile casinos in Switzerland
Swiss players' favorite mobile casino games

Swiss players' favorite mobile casino games

The best Swiss mobile casinos provide uniquely tailored games for Swiss nationals.

Well aware that some casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette enjoy considerable popularity in the country, Swiss mobile casinos go to great lengths to ensure that they offer a broad spectrum of casino games.

Here are some of the Swiss players' favorites featured in almost every online casino today.

Mobile Poker

When it comes to classic betting, poker undoubtedly holds the first spot in casino betting. This fact also holds for mobile poker betting, with an increasing number of Swiss players taking up mobile gaming as a way of enjoying their favorite titles.

Mobile Bingo

Swiss punters show massive admiration towards Bingo for its simplicity for a country that likes to keep things simple. Swiss players' love for bingo games is evidenced by the country's diversity of bingo sites.

Mobile Roulette

Roulette games have a loyal following in the Swiss gambling landscape. It does not come as a surprise when you see most mobile casinos in the country offer a huge variety of roulette variants from leading online casino developers.

Video Slots

Slots are a popular choice among slots players in Switzerland. Although most classic slots still feature prominently in most mobile casinos, video slots are fast taking over as the most popular options thanks to the human element and the sheer number of possibilities they offer.

Swiss players' favorite mobile casino games
Mobile casino payment methods in Switzerland

Mobile casino payment methods in Switzerland

An online casino player that does not offer fast and reliable payment methods can be a deal-breaker. For starters, any Swiss player should be interested in using a mobile payment method that offers their preferred currency, the Swiss Franc (CHF). However, most of the best casinos also accept Euros.

Swiss players can access some of the most popular payment options that allow easy and fast payments. Some popular payment methods used by Swiss mobile players include:

Debit/Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards are undoubtedly among the most widely used payment methods in online casinos. Swiss players mostly use PostFinance and Swisscard debit and credit cards. The best part about card payments is that they can also be employed using mobile payment services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.


E-wallets are highly utilized in mobile casino gaming. Neteller and Skrill are among the most popular e-wallets employed by Swiss players. These two payment methods are particularly appealing for their continence and safety.

Wire transfers

When it comes to instant bank transfers, Swiss players can take advantage of 'their' impressive Sofortüberweisung. Unlike classic bank transfers, this method allows players to make real money deposits instantly.

Mobile casino payment methods in Switzerland
Languages at Swiss online casinos

Languages at Swiss online casinos

The availability of a casino in a language that you understand is always critical. Any player would not wish to play at a casino translated in their native language. If you are at a major casino with a little flag icon, usually at the top, you can choose your preferred language.

When playing at a Swiss casino, the main consideration is typically that it should be available in the native Swiss language. However, Given Switzerland's location, boarded by Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and Liechtenstein, it goes without saying that player preferences in terms of languages used can be diverse.

Switzerland's official languages include French, German, Italian, and Romansh. The first three, French, German, and Italian, maintain a somewhat 'equal status' as far as official use goes. The Romansh is often used in casual dealing, mostly among individuals who speak it.

Thus, Swiss mobile casinos are regularly translated into any four official languages. Ideally, while most international casinos are translated into dozens of languages, English is often conspicuously absent in some local casinos. However, owing to the multilingual culture of the Swiss, English could soon be added to their list of online languages and possibly get into the online casino industry.

Languages at Swiss online casinos
Legality of gambling on and offline in Switzerland

Legality of gambling on and offline in Switzerland

Though the Money Gaming Act made online gambling legal in Switzerland, heavy regulation remains in place in terms of licensed providers and as it relates to things like sports betting. There are strict penalties in place for players and for providers who may not abide by the regulation.

Offline gambling is also legal, with 19 land based casinos located across the country. Offline gambling has been legal in Switzerland since 2000 and is popular with local citizens and tourists alike. Most of these casinos offer traditional, expected games including slots, live and table games. Poker is particularly popular in Switzerland.

The importance of using licensed casinos

Whether in Switzerland or anywhere in the world, it is important that players choose casinos (on and offline) that are fully licensed. This means that they have received a license from the appropriate regulatory body, indicating and proving their legitimacy and ability to meet the region's standards.

This license will help players ensure their personal information is adequately protected, that their money is safe and secure and that all the games and offerings they pick to participate in are both legal and legitimate. The importance of a licensed casino operator should not be overlooked by players.

Legality of gambling on and offline in Switzerland
Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming

It is no secret that gambling can and is addictive and problematic for many people and can cause serious and long term problems. The importance of creating and respecting limits and boundaries is significant and crucial in mitigating and managing the potential risks associated with problematic gambling.

Some ways to help manage your gambling and do so responsibly include:

  • Creating a budget; knowing what you are willing and ABLE to spend is an important step.
  • Share your budget and boundaries with friends/ family; having a support system and people to help hold you accountable can really help in responsible gambling.

Read more about gambling addictions here.

Responsible gaming

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