Stay Up to Date with the Latest LeoVegas Casino Highlights



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LeoVegas is a Swedish mobile gaming, casino and betting service, founded in 2011 and has found huge success and growth due to the prioritisation of mobile performance and the focus on mobile entertainment as the future. Read on to hear more about the latest industry news highlights from LeoVegas…

Stay Up to Date with the Latest LeoVegas Casino Highlights

Getting Back on Track

LeoVegas has recently been assessed on the security and protection offered to their consumers by ECOGRA and has passed all relevant recommendations. You can read the full report in the link below. This is great news for the company after the £600k fine from the Gambling Commission (UK) back in 2018 for misleading advertising and customer “failings”.

It has been brilliant to see the company taking steps to ensure players are playing responsibly and safely on their platforms since the 2018 findings and rather damning assessment from critics.

Earlier this year, in May, LeoVegas also established themselves in the US gaming market, setting themselves up as world-leaders in the online gambling marketplace. It is expected that the company will be accepting their first US customers in the first half of 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

Furthermore, LeoVegas have reported their latest profit margins and predictions for the next quarter. In the first quarterly report of this year (2021), LeoVegas reported revenue growth of 8% and that the number of depositing customers had increased by 12%.

Blue Guru Games

LeoVegas has also started its own game studio – Blue Guru Games, which will be expected to release its’ first games towards the later end of 2021.

In other exciting news, at the Global Gaming Awards in London 2021, LeoVegas won the “Online Casino of the Year” for the fourth year running. This is testament to the success of the online casino platform and their consistent hard-work in developing and improving gameplay for their players.

Come back soon to read more on the latest industry news from LeoVegas!

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