November 19, 2021

Why Play a Blackjack Side Bet?

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When it comes to simplicity and profitability, blackjack ranks top among other online casino games. With the right strategy, this game is easy to learn and allows punters to lower the house edge to less than 0.50%. As if that’s not enough, the game adds a layer of complexity via side bets.

Why Play a Blackjack Side Bet?

So, what precisely is a blackjack side bet, and how does it work? This blackjack guide has answers to these questions, plus many more.

What is a blackjack side bet?

As the name suggests, a blackjack side bet is an additional wager placed in a blackjack game. Usually, the bet is made at the beginning of each round, with players predicting which card the dealer or player will get next.

Because you can’t predict the outcome of blackjack side bets, these wagers are mostly considered games of chance. But of course, expert card counters can still wriggle their way out of this situation.

Standard blackjack side bets at most online casinos

Now that you know what a blackjack side bet is, it’s time to know which ones to expect at the best mobile casinos online. They include:


Insurance is the most common side bet in the game of blackjack. This bet allows players to shield themselves against blackjack in case the dealer holds an ace face-up. Although insurance bets let players wager half their stake, they are considered ‘sucker bets” because you’ll be betting that the dealer has a blackjack.

Perfect pairs

This side bet is mainly dependent on the player’s card. It pays out in case the player is dealt two of a kind. First, the mixed pair pays out at 5:1 if you get similar value cards but in varying colors and suits. Second, you can get the colored pair that pays out at 12:1 if the cards have identical values and colors. Then, there is the perfect pair which pays at 25:1 if you get two similar cards.


In a 21+3 blackjack side bet, you’ll get a payout if the dealer’s face-up card and the player’s two cards match either of these combinations:

  • Flush – You’ll get a 5:1 payout if all cards are suited.
  • Straight - This bet pays out at 10:1 if all cards are of simultaneous ranks but varying suits. That can be 5, 6, 7, etc.
  • Straight flush – if you get suited cards in consecutive ranks (i.e., 5, 6, 7), you will win at a rate of 40:1.

Three of a kind – In this blackjack side bet, a player wins at a rate of 30:1 if the cards are of varying suits. However, if you get similar-value cards of the same suit, the rate is 100:1.

In addition to these common side bets, you’re also likely to come across newer side wagers like:

  • Royal match - In this side bet, you’ll enjoy an exciting payout of 5:2 for suited player’s cards. Also, a rate of 25:1 is applied for suited king and queen.

  • Super sevens – This side bet pays out if one or more seven is dealt among the player’s cards. If a 7 is the player’s first card, a rate of 3:1 is applied. For two unsuited 7s, this bet pays out at 50:1, with 100:1 for suited 7s. Also, if an unsuited 7 is the third card dealt, the rate is 500:1 with a whopping 5000:1 for suited ones.

  • Over/under 13 – In this bet, you’ll win even money by predicting if the player’s total sum is greater than or less than 13. Interestingly, an exact 13 will lose in some casinos.

Are side bets worth the effort?

You must be wondering whether or not to place a blackjack side bet. Yes, blackjack side bets are as good as they come. They allow you to play for longer odds which translates to higher wins. For instance, the “Super Sevens” side bet exposes you to winning odds up to 5000:1.

Sadly, the house edge keeps rising in blackjack side bets. Many a time, the house edge will reach 10% or even more. And as you may know already, a higher house edge will always lose you more money in the long run.

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