November 29, 2021

Best Mobile Casino Games for Beginners

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After signing up at the best mobile casinos, most beginners find the game collection a bit overwhelming. That’s because these casinos have a sea of slot machines and table game variants. So, where does a beginner casino player start? Below is a complete list of the best mobile casino games for green hands.

Best Mobile Casino Games for Beginners

Slot machines

Online slots are by far the most played mobile casino games. They boast high-quality graphics, intuitive soundtracks, and high payouts. Also, beginners don’t necessarily need any special skills to play as one only needs to find the perfect machine and get going. And, of course, slots have some of the lowest bet amounts in the gambling scene. You can even find a penny slot if lucky. Just remember to check the RTP (Return to Player) rate before playing.


Baccarat is another mobile casino game that offers the simplicity of online slots. Players only have three possible bet choices; banker, player, and tie. Just make a pick on each hand, and let ‘Lady Luck’ take care of things. That said, the best bet is the player bet, which has a house edge of 1.24%. The banker bet has a slightly lower rate of 1.06%, although a 5% commission to the house applies on every win. Finally, the tie bet is the worst at 14.35%.


Roulette is another mobile casino game for beginners. Here, players just need to bet on black or red numbers. This means your chances of winning are 50/50 because there are 18 black numbers and as many red numbers. In addition to this simplicity, roulette wheels are slower than most casino games. This is a significant plus for beginners and pros looking to evade the house edge. But stay far from the American wheel (5.26% RTP) if you want to win.


Craps is arguably the most intimidating game for beginners at the best mobile casinos. Why? This game features tens of bets that can be an overkill for novice players. But fret not because some craps bets are easy and effective. For example, the “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” bets are very straightforward. Here, you’re predicting that the shooter will create a point or crap out. What’s more, the house edge for these bets is 1.41% and 1.36%, respectively.


When it comes to the most profitable mobile casino games to play, blackjack is a frontrunner. This popular table game features a straightforward set of rules that won’t take the whole day to master. Blackjack players can learn how the decks work and count cards to lower the house advantage to less than 0.50%. With such a low rate, gamers have at least a 45% chance of winning each hand they play. So, learn a basic strategy and know when to quit.

Video poker

Video poker is another skill-based table game that guarantees returns with an optimal strategy. Although the game can come across as very complex, it features some of the most straightforward rules in the gambling industry. Players are dealt five or three cards depending on the variation before placing a blind or starting bet. Then, you can check, call, raise, or fold. But before you jump into playing poker, learn how to read the hand rankings. It’s imperative!


Whether you’re a decorated veteran or a naïve beginner, these mobile casino games will get things moving. But don’t be fooled because complex games like blackjack and video poker are the best to play. They allow players to use a strategy to lower the house edge instead of being a bystander. Nonetheless, start with demo versions of all these games before going live.

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