Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling



Ethan Tremblay

One of the reasons many gamblers prefer playing online is the sheer number of banking options. Today, punters can deposit and withdraw funds at the best mobile casinos using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). So, if you’re one of those looking to join the world of BTC gambling, read this article first.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Getting started at a BTC mobile casino

Before even thinking of creating a crypto wallet, it’s paramount to select a mobile casino carefully. That’s because some casinos don’t support cryptocurrency gambling, specifically bitcoin. But it’s still possible to find a crypto casino that directly sells digital coins to gamers.

After finding a gambling app, proceed to choose a crypto wallet to save your coins. Think of it this way; a crypto wallet is much like the traditional e-wallet account where you save and transact with fiat currencies. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Advantages of bitcoin gambling

There are 1001 reasons to play mobile casino games with BTC. However, below are the main ones:

  • Decentralization: Governments and financial authorities have zero control over bitcoin transactions. In simpler words, nobody can freeze or seize your digital coins regardless of your betting jurisdiction. You’re in complete control of your bitcoin transactions.

  • Safety and security: Just as your BTC coins can’t be confiscated, the same applies to your payment information. BTC transactions don’t need any personal information to be submitted before completion, protecting users from identity theft.

  • Quick transactions: BTC transactions are fast, whether at a local or international mobile casino. Deposits are usually instant, with withdrawals taking less than 15 minutes to process. Reason? Cryptocurrency transactions are free of merchants like banks and other financial institutions that waste time.

  • Low transaction fees: Since BTC transactions don’t need intermediaries, no one will ask you to pay anything. If you look at the transaction charges on most mobile casinos, you’ll realize that cryptocurrencies are the lowest because there are zero taxes.

  • Big bonuses: Casino offers bonuses to attract and keep players happy. While you’ll get rewards at traditional casinos, BTC casinos offer even better rewards. Compared to USD, BTC has a current value of $47,850.10. Now this means bonuses are also bigger and better.

Disadvantages of bitcoin gambling

A coin must have two sides, the same as bitcoin. Here are some issues to be aware of before gambling with BTC:

BTC volatility: Circulating bitcoins are limited in number. As a result, this digital coin has a high demand, leading to fluctuating prices. For example, in April this year, BTC peaked at $64,000 only to plunge to $30,000 in May. Previously in 2017, BTC was valued even lower at $20,000. Therefore, it’s not a wise idea to invest considerable amounts in BTC or any other digital coin.

Not widely accepted: Honestly, it will take you some effort to find a store, let alone a casino that accepts BTC transactions. Many of them are still skeptical of this unregulated payment method. But as it stands, things are changing pretty fast.

No transaction reversals: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, unlike fiat money. This means players need to be extra careful when using this banking method. Even worse, there is no support to contact in case of transaction mistakes. But still, your crypto wallet provider can be of immense help.


The benefits of BTC gambling clearly outweigh the cons. But just because BTC transactions are fast and secure doesn’t mean you should overlook the casino’s security checks. A bitcoin casino must be regulated before trusting it with your money and information. The BTC casinos listed here are safe, secure, and licensed.

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